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Three Reasons To Start A Compost Pile

Compost is a fantastic way to help the environment, and save yourself cost. It provides nourishment to your vegetable plot, whilst making use of any kitchen waste. It can be created by simply choosing a nice sunny spot for your compost bin, and adding carbon and nitrogen-rich organic matter to decay over time. It’s a wonderful way to create a home for insects, whilst improving your diet, and your wallet. To learn more about why you should start a compost bin, keep reading below.

Free Organic Matter

One of the best reasons to opt for a compost bin or pile is the free organic matter you get to use on your garden. If you’re an avid gardener, you’ll understand the importance of nutrient-rich fertiliser to help give your vegetables a head start. Year after year this substrate can be expensive to buy. That’s why having your own source can be the perfect way to mitigate this expense without sacrificing on a bountiful crop.

High-Quality Compost For Your Vegetables

Perhaps the number one reason to use compost in your garden is the effect it can have on your vegetables. Nothing quite matches a naturally sourced compost from your own kitchen. The nitrogen-rich fertiliser that’s created from decaying organic matter provides a source of rapid growth for most vegetables. By utilising this you could see a massive improvement in everything you grow. Not only this, but the bigger your vegetables, the more waste you create from the delicious meals you cook. This waste can then be used again as compost later in the year, and the cycle continues.

seedling compost

Less Waste To Landfill

As we progress, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we need to take care of the environment around us. One fantastic way to achieve this is by recycling as much as possible. This doesn’t just mean recycling your plastics, tins and cardboard. It can be extended to food waste too. Although it’s biodegradable, it costs fuel to transport. If we all recycle our uneaten food, that’s tonnes of waste that doesn’t need to be transported to be processed and go to landfill. Every little helps.

Choose Woodland Horticulture For Quality Compost

At Woodland Horticulture, we value the importance of high-quality organic matter. That’s why all our products are made to the highest standard with the perfect mix of nutrients and fertiliser to ensure all your plants grow to the best of their ability. To find out more, get in touch with us today.

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